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About Company

What is MicMD?

MicMD Virtual Professional Service platform is a technology-driven booster dedicated to helping startups promote their businesses.

We are convinced that the success of high-potential startups requires even more expert-to-expert support from multiple perspectives. That's why MicMD, together with its partners, is reinventing its relationships with startups and launching the VPS platform. This new mechanism facilitates partnerships to accelerate concrete solutions to market in healthcare, senior care, and other areas.

A Complete Technology+Service Solution

Customizable Cross-Industry Platforms
  • TeleHealth Consulting Platform

  • TeleLegal Consulting Platform

  • TeleInsurance Consulting Platform

  • Smart Senior Care Platform

  • TelePharmacy Platform

Technical Support
  • 24/7 Support

  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Modular Software Development

  • Cloud-base

  • Own itellectual Property

  • Customizable Services

  • Data Security Guaranteed (HIPAA,HL7,C-CDA.CCR.CCD)

Creative Team

We Have Professional Creative Team

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Di Liu


Member Photo
Li Wang

Director of Technology

Member Photo
Aaron Yang

Head of Product Management

Member Photo
Chole Qiu

Director of Finance

Member Photo
Lingfeng Lv

Director of Operation

Member Photo
Zoe Liu

Senior Project Manager

Member Photo
Ariel Chen

Director of Business Development