Selected Features

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Tasks Reminder

Automated tasks are generated as reminders based on key metrics from the CRM system. Such as reminders for periodical jobs, tasks to follow up on pending cases, and reminders on contract expiration dates. Customized tasks can also be created, managed, assigned, and tracked.

Document Management

Each user will be allocated a personal space where they can store and share their personal document securely.

Muti-channel Communication Tools

We could offer embeddable video, voice, text, image, and group communication modules


The users are able to communicate while both hands are tied with other things. Minimize disruption to workflow and improve work efficiency.


Track the users’ location with their permissions and send notifications in time.

KPI Dashboard

A concise KPI dashboard visualizes the most important metrics for users. Saves the trouble of going through different internal systems, downloading data, putting together numbers, and validating information

Online Payment

Supports mainstream payment methods with ease

Customized Branding

MicMD empowers businesses and organizations with a comprehensive technical solution. Currently available on iOS, Android, and Web, you can deploy with your own private label.

Customized Features

With an experienced team possessing considerable technical insight, MicMD can also develop features tailored to each organization's unique needs and goals.

Customized Services

The one-stop-shop for complete telemedicine management. The easy-to-use web application for admin-level access, experienced support team, and professionally managed maintenance and updates contribute and ensure system stability for all MicMD users.