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Expands provider's outreach to deliver more affordable and efficient care via HIPAA-compliant video consultations.

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HIPAA Compliant


MicMD Telehealth is committed to helping you stay informed and prepared as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop in the United States. The CDC recommends and encourages using telehealth, as virtual treatment can help to limit exposure and spread.

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MicMD Virtual Professional Service Platform

Services On Demand

The MicMD Virtual Professional Service Platform enables clients to increase market access, provide virtual support for customer requests and concerns, and seamlessly manage and improve daily operations.

Leading the inclusion of the VPS Platform within every organization that recognizes the need for improved customer service

Applying advanced telemedicine solutions, the MicMD private-label VPS Platform helps healthcare providers extend reach of care by facilitating secure live video consultations between ambulatory patients and their primary or specialty care physicians.


Merging operational expertise with an innovative Virtual Professional Service (VPS) Platform, MicMD provides and enables clients with bespoke technical solutions, emphasizing delivery and enhanced access to convenient, comprehensive services to clients anywhere at anytime.

Customized Tech Solutions

Leveraging the foremost, advanced tech stack, MicMD’s scalable, robust, and secure private-label VPS Platform is designed to handle multiple service lines. The platform can be deployed within a single tele-service platform across the enterprise or as an embedment in an existing online system.

Private Label


Everything You Need to Virtualize Your Medical Center

Facile Implementation
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Easy Embedding & Integration
Intuitive Interface
HIPAA Compliant
Video Conferencing
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Social Distancing

​Fueled by foremost digital technologies, MicMD Virtual Professional Service Platform allows your patients to reimagine the physician visit as a house video call without the travel and the increasingly high overall cost. 

As a HIPAA-compliant virtual healthcare delivery platform, MicMD empowers patients and providers with secure communication to safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Bridge the Social Distance through MicMD

Online Consultation - anywhere and anytime
Secure Communication - HIPAA Compliant

Deliver Telehealth to Patients and Drive Revenue

Expands Access to Care and Reaches More Patients

Built by advanced tele-communication technology, MicMD Virtual Professional Service Platform enables providers and patients to overcome geographic barriers, expand their access and reach, and leverage the expertise of specialists who are not nearby. 

Improves Clinical Workflows and Increases Practice Efficiency

With an intuitive interface and clear workflow, MicMD VPS Platform serves as the conduit for quicker prioritization of care delivery, triaging each case, and improving communication by capturing, storing, and using patient data for better medical decision-making. 

Bring Cost Saving for Your Organization and Patients

Reduces Practice Overhead

Practically with MicMD full suite telehealth platform, you don’t need a physical clinic to practice medicine. The customized telehealth solution allows you to run a virtual clinic from your home office, which is low cost to implement.

Cuts Patient Costs

The cost of a telehealth visit is much less than traditional on-site visits. Typically, the average cost of an emergency room visit is $1,734 and the average cost of an on-site visit is $146. Conversely, a telehealth visit is only $79 on average. 


Boost Healthcare Quality and Experience

Improves Healthcare Quality

Providers are able to do frequent follow up with their patients compared to traditional visits. Patients are able to access their providers whenever they feel something’s wrong, which can reduce false urgent care visits and sometimes save a life before things gone bad.

Improves Patient Satisfaction

MicMD telehealth platform makes it easier and more convenient for patients to stay healthy and engaged in their health care. Patients love the convenience, flexibility, and real-time care with their providers.

Embracing Data Analytics Technology to Automate and Streamline your Management Workflow


Better management,

Better growth,

Better revenue.

Power up with MicMD "Super-admin" Analytics Backend

MicMD Virtual Healthcare Delivery Platform empowers providers with detailed analyses of virtual visits and call logs and leverages robust analytics to analyze your practice patterns and identify growth opportunities. 

Customized Performance Tracking Options for your Business

MicMD "Super-admin" management system supports customized dashboards for administrators to monitor specific operational performance in your business and collect key insights to guide workforce planning and drive efficiency.

A Virtual Professional Service Platform that puts the power of telehealth in the hands of providers.

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