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Texans Soon Can Track Immunization Information in Real Time through Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Are you trying to track your vaccine records? Are you questioning your vaccination history? Are you worried that your vaccine information is invalid? If you are a Texas resident, you can now sign up to have your children’s immunization records stored for free. If you are a Texas provider, you can access your patients' immunization records in real time.

Currently, vaccination records are maintained at the doctor's office for a limited period of time. By two years of age, over 20% of the children in the U.S. typically have seen more than one healthcare provider, resulting in scattered paper medical records. Providers must send encrypted file requests or access DSHS websites to request patient immunization information. If vaccines are harder to track and understand how they’re being used, then a provider is losing money.

Thanks to Texas Immunization Registry (ImmTrac2), Texas providers and residents have much easier access to vaccine records. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), ImmTrac2 enables healthcare institutes, such as physician offices, hospitals, and pharmacies, to check a patient's vaccine information through their electronic health records (EHRs) starting on Jan 1st 2021.

This breakthrough will minimize human error and bring more visibility at no cost. Check out more information on the DSHS website.